ARC Research

วิจัยตลาด (market research)

At Arc Research we tackle each client request in a customised fashion. Your requirements and objectives determine the approach to be taken and each step receives your prior agreement. We conduct Qualitative Research through in-depth personal interviews, telephone interviews and focus group discussions for insights into motivation, attitudes and values of consumers and other target groups.

We conduct Quantitative Research of a representative sample group through door-to-door, field studies and telephone surveys to quantify and measure consumer responses A Combined approach of both Qualitative and Quantitative Research, conducted in stages, provides both breadth and depth to the information gathered. We utilise CATI/CAPI (Computer Aided Telephone/Personal Interviewing) technology in the data collection process. The use of telephone interviewing equipment to automate the process of conducting interviews enables accuracy, speed, and a high productivity yield in carrying out large-scale survey projects.

Primary Secondary
  • Demographic/Socioeconomic Characteristics
  • Psychological/Lifestyle Characteristics
  • Attitudes/Opinions
  • Awareness knowledge
  • Intentions
  • Motivation
  • Behaviours
  • Census Data & Other Government
  • Industry Information
  • Company Information
  • Market and Consumer Information
  • Economics & Statistical Information
  • General Guild
  • Indexes
  • Specialised Directories
Advanced Statistics
Quantitative Analysis Techniques:
– Factor analysis
– Cluster analysis
– Correspondence analysis
– Multiple Regression
– Discriminance analysis
– Path analysis
Quantitative Analysis Techniques:
– Perceptual maps
– Conjoint analysis
– Classification trees
– Content Analysis