ARC Research

วิจัยตลาด (market research)
Our team of professionals includes researchers, applied statistical specialists, data collection and data processing professionals as well as marketing consultants.

We strive to keep our services up-to-date and remain alert to the latest developments in research techniques and technology that can be adapted to fulfil the research objectives of our clients.

In addition to in-house training programs, our research professionals are also regularly invited to lecture on marketing research and other related training courses at blue-chip companies and many prestigious universities. Often our marketing recommendations appear without solicitation in business Newspapers.

  • Mrs Nartrapee Saikaew
    Master of Research Methodology
  • Dr.Pornchai Sriprapai
  • Dr.Chetsada Kittisoonthorn
  • Dr.Chatree Budsabathon
  • Dr. Jatupong Kaewsai
  • Ms.Maria McMillan