ARC Research

วิจัยตลาด (market research)

Nartrapee Saikaew
Managing Director
ARC Company Limited

At ARC Market Research and Consultancy we design and apply research methods uniquely tailored for data collection, research and analysis in Thailand.
The research market in Thailand is faced with a number of obstacles due in general to the lack of awareness or interest concerning the importance and usefulness of research within today’s society. This is sometimes evident in the lack of co-operation received from Thais and organisations in Thailand when using ‘generalised’ research methods. Even when willing to provide the time to complete questionnaires or give in depth interviews, many Thais attach little importance to the process and can be distracted and inattentive. Using traditional research methods utilized in other countries can prove ineffective when applied in Thailand as our lifestyle, culture and discipline are completely different.
With over 20 years’ experience ARC Market Research and Consultancy realise that there are no set characteristics in research methodology that can be applied generally. We design and tailor our research methods on a project by project basis within the unique Thai market ensuring the best possible outcomes. New concepts such as our successful ‘applied mystery research’ have provided exciting results for our clients and we continue to explore new and innovative ways to keep us at the forefront of our industry.
I sincerely hope that your organization can adjust and continue to grow within this ever changing world. ARC Market Research and Consultancy would be delighted to be a contributing partner in your success.